Transform yourself into a business leader with a Doctor of

Business Administration Degree

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UCN Doctoral program in Business Administration provides rich, advanced education for senior leadership roles. DBA programs are designed to provide professionals and executives with advanced tools and research skills needed for strategic planning and decision making. DBA program develops the research-based solutions for contemporary business challenges, innovate and emerge as thought leaders and change agents.

2 Years

Any masters degree with minimum 3 years of Managerial Experience

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Advantages of Studying DBA in UCN

Technology Driven Learning

Learn anytime from any place with the help of our robust Learning Management System (LMS). Experience the joy of classroom learning virtually.

Student Centered

Dedicated student coordinators work with students on every step throughout the course. They would be guiding students on faculty interactions, projects and more.

Teaching Methodology

We use BBRRIICCSS (BRICS) methodology, a unique teaching-learning methodology specifically designed for the distance learning programs


Degree awarded by UNESCO-IAU listed University of Central Nicaragua (UCN)

Illustrious Alumni Base

Our alumni are employed in World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations (UN), NGOs, Ministries of various countries and more


Students have access to additional resources – Digital library for references, eJournals for research publications and eConference


  • Enhance academic credentials for better career opportunities
  • Be market-ready by refining your leadership and decision-making skills
  • Get rewarded financially by occupying significant positions in organizations
  • Consider academic and research as a career option


  • Analyze and interpret organizations operating in an increasingly global, diverse and technological environment
  • Develop the leadership principles, theories, and skills required to enhance organizational performance
  • Apply the concepts of ethical and sustainable leadership to manage change and optimize organizational performance
  • Implement professional research studies and analysis to address practical business issues

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